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Tax return is a system which HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to collect your income tax. The tax gets charged from your salaries, pensions and reserves. But you do not need to pay any tax if the main source of your income comes from salaries or pensions. However, you may need to send one if your income comes from

  • Capital Gains Tax if you’ve sold your property or shares
  • Annual expenses for an employee or self-employed
  • Rented property
  • Incentives
  • Savings, investments and dividends
  • foreign income & business partnerships

You can also file your tax return to:

  • Ask for tax relief*
  • Testify you’re self employed to claim Tax-Free Childcare Benefit or Maternity Allowance

You can apply for High Income Child Benefit charge if you or your partner’s income cross over £50,000. 

Tax Relief

Any tax relief applies to pension subsidies, charity write-off, and maintenance payments.
Relax, we are there to do all of that for your business. We will send your tax return online, use our in-house commercial software or paper forms to pay your bills before you miss out on any deadline.


Your business can hit a penalty of £100 or more if it gets late up to 3 months. However, we will plan a reasonable excuse for you to appeal against your penalty in case you miss on any timelines.

The UK has one of the largest bases of tax codes in the entire financial world and putting up even the simple tax return can be quite complex. There is a long list of accounting responsibilities that you need to be aware of as a taxpayer.

Appoint us and we’ll fill in and send your tax return to the HM Revenue & Customs for all your tax returns.

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