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What Does it Takes to Become A Happy Client?

1) Contact Us

Get in touch with us via call or email. Go ahead and complete the contact forms on our contact page. You’ll find in at the centre of the page.

We offer a robust online presence across key social media platforms –Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Come on Board to our page and make
yourself familiar with our user-specific services.

Our team maintains an active presence on social media to address your concerns. We will be more than happy to make your feedback count.

2) Free Consultation

Take the first step to book your free consultation with us, either in person or over the phone whichever suits you the best. We’ll drop all our service options at your end, let you know the best and how our team can help you out in finding easy solutions to your daily setbacks.

We prioritize in offering personalized consultation for our clients and family. Come on board! Enjoy a hassle-free journey with us.

3) Sign On

Take the final step – sign on the contract with Smooth Feathers Accountants. We are committed to post all relevant documents & get your approval before hitting the journey with you.

Sign it, return it, and we’ll get back to work with you.

Are You Hiring An Accountant

For The First Time?

If you are going to hire an accountant for the first time – you are likely to see a lot of early hiccups. We understand it can be a little challenging. So, here are five key questions you should ask before hiring an Accountant.

  • Hire an accountant who understands your business and is familiar with your business niche
  • Explore about the services your financial planner offers – And does not offer!
  • Don’t let the accountant fees shock you – Shop around but never base your choice on cost
  • Pick up to use accounting software – it’ll help you work swiftly with your accountant
  • Ask them open-ended questions to make sure your accountant is proactive and a strategic financial partner

Whether you are launching your first business, coming up with financial planning or facing some big life changes, you need an accounting team that you can trust.

Smooth Feathers Accountants never see you as a number on their spreadsheet. We hold high regard for our clients. We like to know them, their businesses, and the special outlook that have led them to us. So, we’ll never offer the same service as of other clients’ – we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Our professional accountants and extended team are extremely willing to bring out the best of services to your business desk – this is what sets us apart from the rest. Enjoy the peace of mind when you come onboard with Smooth Feathers Accountants – you’ve taken the right step towards your business goals. How We do it – for our first-time clients  We

How We do it – for our first-time clients

  • We will fix the first meet for you with one of our team members
  • We are all ears to your needs and demands
  • You will be assigned another accountant if the first one does not match your requirements
  • Our team will give you a clear & crisp idea about what you need to do – Relax! We won’t demand any prior knowledge of tax or accountancy
  • You can shoot your questions at the end of the meet – we will address them
  • You will enjoy an obligation free meeting with us
  • Our team will be ready at your service – even after weeks, months, and years of your first formal meet – get in touch via phone or directly mail us
  • Get practical tax planning tailored to your needs – we don’t come up with storybook tax avoidance schemes
  • Our trusted team will reveal the right fee structure – everything will be open to you


Switching To Smooth Feathers Accountants From Another Accountant

If you’re switching to Smooth Accountancy from your last accountant, we understand you may have multiple reasons and you’ve possibly not had the best experience.

We know how rocky it can be to switch accountants. So, we aim to pull out the stress and mid-way hiccups as much as possible for you. We walk the extra mile to communicate with your former accountancy firm to get ready with your details – securing a smooth transition to our dashboard.

We’ll ensure that you get the best of services with us. After all, we want to settle all the reasons for wanting to switch to us. Our focus is to help you and give exactly as much as you need.

The steps we take for our clients to switch to Smooth Feathers Accountants -

  • We will arrange an initial meet for you with one of our advisors
  • We will know the reason behind your resentment with your current accountant services
  • If we feel we can help then we will chalk out a clear and concise plan on how we intend to do that
  • If for any reason we can’t address your concerns, we’ll let you know that straight away.
  • The meeting with us will be a two-way streak to deal with all your issues. Even if we are out of answers for any question you raise which usually is not the case – We will let you know and will come back to you later.
  • You are welcome to contact our support team via phone or mail even after weeks, months and years after the initial meet. Contact us whenever you feel to do so
  • Get real tax planning solutions with us – we will never come up with cooked up tax avoidance schemes
  • We promise open and transparent service fees – no hidden costs

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    Smooth Feathers Accountants is a premier firm of Accountants and Tax Consultants in the United Kingdom. Our team provides a broad range of expert solutions for small and medium scale companies, individuals, start-ups and non-profit organizations.

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