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Curtailing the liability of an asset for inheritance Tax is viable through simple & permissible means. IHT – Inheritance Tax owes to the asset worth of departed, which can be curtailed with the justified steps, comprising of a will and testament, right advice and transient investments that should come out of the asset status for the grounds of IHT valuation.

Our team of highly experienced accountants reduce tax exposure and maximise tax efficiency. The services offered by Smooth Feathers Accountants have helped a large group of people pass on their wealth to families, friends or reasonable causes without any strict IHT liabilities through lawful provisions.

We can help you better manage your money, even if you are just starting out with tax planning or need support with asset planning. We’ll keep it simple so you can get control of it.

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What Exactly is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax is the tax owed on an asset if it is sold at a high value. For most cases, you will be subject to Capital Gains Tax when you sell a property which is not your primary residence or when transferring money to your loved ones in a trust.

You may benefit from a tax-free exemption, but is only £12,000 a year as in 2019-20 tax year. So, you may still be exposed to Capital Gains tax if your assets have seen a high appreciation of value.

There are multiple tax slabs for higher tax payers, and different for property or non-property gains, ranging from 10% to 28%.

You don’t need to Pay Capital Gains Tax If...

  • You’re selling your primary residential property
  • You’re selling a car
  • Your holdings are less than £6,000
  • You’re gifting money to a spouse or civil partner, or a charity
  • The gain is within your tax-free allowance

What Exactly is Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax applies only when someone passes off leaving an asset (property, savings, holdings) of £325,000 or more passed on to loved ones. It incurs an inheritance tax of 40% for anything over £325,000.

Yes, 40% is a painstakingly high amount of money that will not be passed on to the people you intend. That is why it is so essential to plan early for Inheritance Tax and ensure your hard-earned savings remain with your loved ones in a tax-efficient manner.

Let’s sort out the exemptions and exclusions and discuss your distinct scenario with your accountant to set out a plan that works best for you.

Inheritance Tax Exposure Can Be Curtailed By...

  • Careful tax planning
  • Setting up a trust
  • Gifting money to charity in your will
  • Making money gifts to loved ones while you’re still alive

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