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Identifying blocks in which VAT registration can pour benefits to your business…

VAT can be a quite simple task for some businesses – all thanks to the cloud bookkeeping services. But for others, it is a complex and time-consuming task – something that forces them to feel it has been imposed on them & that’s where our accountants can make the difference.

Our years of expertise and knowledge place us in an ideal spot to help small businesses of all kinds to achieve VAT-efficiency.

VAT Services We Offer: -

  • VAT Accounting
  • VAT Advice
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Return Services

We at Smooth Feathers Accountants offers simple and straight-forward advice to finish your VAT returns in an accurate and timely fashion, letting you focus on what you do best.

VAT Accounting Services Explained...

Prepare your VAT returns in no time with us. Just select the quarter you want to file your VAT return and we’ll do it all for you.

We make sure you pay the right amount of VAT – as per your business goods and services. And to do that, we’ll examine your bookkeeping details, look for possible errors and lapses and re-check your records. Our competent team of VAT accountants are quite flexible to work with whichever bookkeeping service you have enrolled to in order to help you with your VAT returns.

Our VAT services vary from offering the right advice, assisting you to register for VAT or handling your VAT accounting to prep and file your VAT Returns, and tailoring it to the outlines of your business.

  • VAT Accounting
  • VAT Advice
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Return Services

VAT Accounting

VAT Accounting can be an unsettling facet of any business venture – Given the number of multiple VAT schemes and different VAT rates.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re in the steps of registering or are already VAT registered, you need to make sure your VAT accounting stays on top to avoid any risk of penalties. We can ensure the validity of your VAT accounting – from lending ad-hoc advice to managing your VAT records on a regular basis and filing of your serial VAT returns.

VAT Advice

You are bound to pick up one of the HM Revenue & Customs VAT Schemes to meet the statutory obligations as per the nature of your business and the level of your turnover.

With us, you’ll get the apt VAT advice to ensure you select the optimal VAT scheme for your business. As VAT elements and options can vary strikingly between large and small companies, specific business sectors in addition to the products and services offered – so, VAT advice can prove to be a critical note in walking through the VAT system & avoiding penalties.

Our VAT advice will undertake all the factors of your business to work with you as your business grows.

VAT Registration

VAT registration is must if the annual turnover of your business exceeds the VAT threshold. You must act now to ensure your VAT registration if you are likely to hit the threshold within the next 30 days. Get in touch with us to streamline your VAT registration process and get advice on the given points:

  • When a business should register
  • What leads to legitimate separation of business
  • When voluntary registration become beneficial for your business
  • Steps you need to take in the process for your VAT registration
  • If you require VAT registration if your business runs from outside the UK
  • If you need to register for VAT in another country

VAT Returns

At Smooth Feathers Accountants, we help you prep and submit your VAT returns to HM Revenue & Customs.

To offer our VAT Returns Service, we need you to give us formal authorisation to act on your behalf as your agent. This is a simple process in which you need to fill out a standard form. Once done, we can then set up the procedures needed for the smooth running of our VAT returns service.

Please see that while we offer you the VAT Returns service, you will be legally responsible for the declaration and payment of any VAT.

Do what you do best! And let us handle the VAT planning, returns & schemes for you!

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